Adoption Network Law Center's Adoption Testimonials

Todd and I decided that we wanted to adopt in June of 2010. On Oct 2, 2010 we got a call, there was a baby boy in California. We had that precious boy until Oct 11 when his birth mother decided to parent. As heart breaking as that was we knew everything happens for a reason. A few weeks later Nov 6, 2010 we got our second call! There was another baby boy born in Nevada. We rushed out there to meet our new son Jeremiah.

We are amazed at the adoption process and how fast it went for us! There was definitely down times but the happy times far out weigh any heart ache!

We have a perfect baby boy (who is now 8 months old) and we wouldn't change our experience for anything. We have an open adoption and it has been such a blessing! We love our sons birth mother she is an incredible unselfish woman who gave us the opportunity to be parents.

Throughout the ups and downs of our adoption process ANLC has been wonderful to work with and very supportive.

In the near future we hope to begin the adoption process all over again!

Future Adoptive Parents: After trying to have our own children for years and years, we came to the realization that getting pregnant was just not meant to be, so we decided to adopt. We thoroughly researched several local agencies, but really couldnít find one that suited our needs. However, after speaking with their friendly and knowledgeable staff, we chose to go with ANLC. What a great choice it was! Everything happened according to plan and the entire process took less than a year. Once our profile was up and running, it was only a few months before we were selected. Our Advisor kept us up to speed with the Birth Motherís progress, which allowed us enough time to get to the hospital so we could be present to watch our little girl come into the world. After the process was completed, they continued to follow up with us to see how our new family was doing.

It was by far the most rewarding and cherished experience of our lives!  ANLC helped us complete our family, and I would encourage anyone who is interested in adopting to consider using their services.  We cannot express how grateful we are and hope that your adoption experience goes as smoothly as ours did.  You can’t go wrong with ANLC.